Raul V. Destura MD (Clinician-Scientist)

Hi, I’m Dr. Raul V. Destura, I’m an internist and an ID Physician in the Philippines.  I’m also a struggling scientist here in my home country, keeping my medical career to support my research career. I decided to create this blog out of a lecture from a digital marketing course I was taking.  I’m actually curious how to this “blogging” work but I was told that its a good way to express how I feel about doing scientific work in the Philippines and why most people would think why do I stay as a scientist if its that difficult…not to mention the pay, may not be enough to put food on the table.  I guess I found a much valuable meaning to my life other than money…  Perhaps I can tell me my story, maybe one of you might choose to be a scientist someday…finding sustainable and equitable means that address diseases of poverty through science.